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 Computer Crash? 

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About us ..

Data centres account for up to 1.5% of global electricity consumption and are responsible for 1% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Energy Agency. Such Data Centres have a great demand for IT professionals with excellent computing background, experience and hardware knowledge.

Our dedicated team of field engineers possess a plethora of 30 years' experience in deploying Computer servers, Network appliances, WAN switches/routers that support up to 100 billion bits (gigabits) per second (Gbps). 

We know how intimidating your IT problem can be, so let us help you. Why spend your day trying to look far and wide when our Smart/RemoteHands is all that you need to kick back and enjoy? 

Our onsite hourly rate is not going to burn a hole in your wallet. You may be surprised that we can do a lot more for a lot less. 

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Services _
  • RemoteHands

  • SmartHands

  • Server Maintenance

  • Cable Tray Management

  • ​Rack Cable Management

  • Equipment colocation

  • PSU mods & repairs

  • SATA Disk upgrades

  • ​Memory upgrades

  • NVMe SSD upgrades

  • Threshold Temperature Checks

  • Server Chassis replacements

  • Motherboard, CPU, PCIe replacements, etc.


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