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We specialise in SmartHands & RemoteHands service to help you with your Data Centre colocation challenges in Singapore and in the Asia Pacific region.

We are a dedicated team of engineers with 30 years of experience in deploying servers, network appliances, WAN switches/routers that support up to 100 billion bits (gigabits) per second (Gbps). Our team of Field professionals have the answer to all your Data Centre needs.

We know how intimidating your IT problem can be, so let us help. Why spend your day trying to solve your tech problems when Smart/RemoteHands is all that you need to kick back and enjoy? 

Our onsite hourly rates are catered for ad-hoc projects, so you don't have to pay us daily, weekly or monthly. Only pay us per the assignment. It is that Simple. 

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Services _
  • SmartHands

  • RemoteHands

  • Server maintenance

  • Hardware troubleshooting

  • ​Data recovery

  • Equipment colocation

  • ​PC/Mac repair

  • ​Consulting

  • IT solution

  • Server deployment

  • Internet security

  • Networking of your Home-Office / Company


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