Computer Crash? 

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Not a Folk tale. Not a Fable.

We are keen to help you with your sophisticated IT challenges. Be it a server, iMac, computer, network, security appliance, onsite deployment, troubleshooting, or maintenance, challenges seen by you or unforeseen by you - we will be right there for you. Even if your server room or a local datacenter needs a rebuild, reconstruction or renovation, we will be on top of it to remove equipments out in just about a day and then re-set up in the way you want everything to be. 


With our experiences in Break/Fix, IT recommendations and upgrades, Data Recovery, Network resolution and a love for all things geek, CTSNET has the solution. Whatever your tech issue is, we've got you covered. Our Field Technicians are game enough to assist you.


We know how intimidating your IT problem can be, so let us help. Why spend your day trying to solve your tech problems when we can get you online in no time? Call our TECH TEAM at 6100 2899 or email to Let us do the work so you can kick back and enjoy.


Located at 30 Kallang Place # 05-10 Singapore 339159, we're in the heart of our city to help you with your business needs.

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Services _
  • Networking – home office / business

  • PC/Mac support & installation

  • Hard drive back up

  • ​Data recovery

  • ​Remote support

  • ​Smart phone support

  • ​PC/Mac repair

  • ​Consulting

  • IT solutions

  • Server deployment

  • Internet security


T: 65-6100-2899


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