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Very few today have seen computers and technology as early as 1986. The emergence of IBM PCs and Apple Computers took the world by storm.

We do not commonly see a Dot matrix printer, someone using Wordstar or Wordperfect, Logo programming running on a machine, Pacman, Sabotage, Horizon V, Pegasus these days.

Rakesh experienced it all during his childhood. 

During the late 80's, his father got him the very first computer system. It was an IBM Compatible brand IPC assembled in Singapore. DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Lotus 123 spreadsheet, Wordstar 5.0, Minesweeper, Solitaire, MS Encarta and an external 14.4Kbps modem were all part of the package to connect to the Internet via a telephone RJ11 port. Soon after there were PC problems and Windows problems. Troubleshooting and fixes on his own voided its 3-year local warranty. He stripped everything off the CPU and the mainboard including the INTEL processor. People whom he knew supported his simple idea about marketing and building unbranded computers for a fraction of the cost of branded computers. He has assembled computers, resolved networks, eradicated viruses, spywares, malwares and protected close to tens of thousand of computer systems on his own till date. He offered maintenance contracts thereafter to sustain a freelancers' role while working full time as a Ticketing and Travel Executive. 

Just one decade later, Rakesh founded CTSNET in 2001. Today, Rakesh runs the CTSNET  business with a good team of a few individuals who have worked on countless corporate projects with Verari Systems, an ex-Racksaver Incorporated, Source Support Services, Cardinal Health, Lucasfilm Animation, the Veritas company, and a few Fortune 500 firms.

In 2006, two high-performance Bladeracks were deployed in Singapore by CTSNET. The Bladerack idea was a State of the Art technology capable of powering 128 blade servers at the same time running on an 8000 Volts DC Skeleton-power via a 440 Volts circuit breaker in the same rack. Huge production costs were borne by Verari Systems Inc which was based in San Diego, CA (ex-Racksaver Inc of USA). Rakesh attended training and certifications in San Diego with Verari. Not long after, Verari Systems had to shutdown its operations due to their heavy production costs. It was like building a Million Dollar McLaren for animation production and server farm engineering usage.


Upon returning to Singapore, Rakesh re-focused on offering Annual Maintenance Contracts for a few local corporations, and some Internationally based. One of which was a German based firm in Ismaning, known as Integralis AG. The Vice President revealed they were in the MSSP business needing local presence in Singapore. A company was formed locally providing a "Follow-the-Sun" concept of a Security Operations Centre. Without much ado, Rakesh headed the branch as the Company Director for the next few years till 2012. He quit from Integralis AG after NTT Com (Japan) acquired the business. Today NTT COM Security Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a well-known MSSP in the Asia Pacific region while Rakesh has moved on with CTSNET full-time after the couple years' offer of "help" to Integralis AG.

CTSNET now provides full-pledged Remote Hands, Rackspace colocation service for Cloud computing firms and Edge Computing Strategy.

Business Continuity, Networking and Computing Needs is CTSNET's Utmost Priority. 

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