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Born 1973 in India, lived all his life in Singapore, Rakesh has his experience with computers and technology as early as 1986 with IBM PCs and Apple Computers. He was not a genius or whizz kid from the start but began building his confidence with the sound of dot matrix printers to his ears and typing with Wordstar software for his school projects. He had to book computer labs in the Singapore Science Centre and his school labs to do his work to gain interest in what he loved. He was mesmerized by Logo programming, games like Pacman, Sabotage, Horizon V, Pegasus all running on a Mac II computer at his friend's place. Years later, his Dad got him the first computer system that he could own. It was an IBM Compatible brand called IPC made in Singapore. DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Lotus 123 spreadsheet, Wordstar 5.0, Minesweeper, Solitaire, MS Encarta and an external 14.4Kbps modem were all part of the package to connect to the Internet via a telephone RJ11 port. A few days later he opened to see what was inside "the CPU box". He slowly disassembled every bit of it and re-assembled everything on the 486DX computer from the motherboard to its bus cables, from the memory sticks to its floppy drive, from the cd drive to the heavy mechanical hard disk drive. Moving onto the first Pentium processor he did the same on a 90 Mhz running only 8MB memory. He began upgrading his computer canceling its 3-year warranty. "It's easy to fix on your own" he claimed and won the confidence of his friends in him. Then he helped his friends and lecturers at school with network problems. He assembled computers for a few of his friends at a fraction of the cost of branded systems like IBM, HP, Ranger, and Sherry. He knew that he would start some business someday dealing in Computers.


Today he is well known as a promising franchisee of the "Computer Troubleshooters Worldwide Network of IT professionals" in Singapore. Rakesh Kumar Rai made his mark in 2003. As a local entrepreneur running Computer Troubleshooters in Singapore, Rakesh resolved challenging day-to-day network threat issues, computer hardware problems. In 2004, the Sasser worm virus and its variants hit millions of computers worldwide. Rakesh discovered numerous solutions from the web to remove Sasser safely and make his customers happy again. Business was good for eradicating malicious viruses, keeping computers virus-free and emails well-filtered. Soon he formed a team that could do the same for his customers. They've supported Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Veritas, and a few local MNCs providing Bladerack deployments and maintenance. Each Bladerack deployed was a State of the Art technology Bladerack capable of powering 128 blades running on an 8000 Volts DC Skeleton-power via a 440 Volts circuit breaker in the same rack. Huge production costs were borne by Verari Systems in San Diego, CA (ex-Racksaver Inc of USA). Rakesh attended training and certification in San Diego for that matter. Verari Systems, Inc. soon wound up due to lack of customer support and heavy production costs. After returning to Singapore, Rakesh started supporting Source Support Services, Inc and hired a reliable team of Break/Fix guys for Singapore and Malaysia. He has visited various DC sites in Asia, for Computing and INTERNET needs. Both International and local companies also reached out to CTSNET. Securing Annual Maintenance Contracts for more than 40 private corporations and institutions was not the only thing. One of which was a Connecticut based branch of a popular Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). The MSS Vice President who got in touch with Rakesh needed a team of trained Security engineers locally providing a "Follow-the-Sun" concept of a Security Operations Centre. Without much thought, Rakesh "volunteered" as a Company Director for 5 years. He quit from the German firm when it was about to be owned by NTT Com (Japan). Rakesh led the team of the first Security Operations Centre Engineers in Singapore in 2008 till 2012. Now, that Managed Security Services Provider is well-known as NTT COM Security Pte Ltd (Singapore). He then moved on to support other companies needing hardware Break/Fix work in Japan, Mumbai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia for Metlife, Merrill Lynch, and IATA. Since 2012, CTSNET has become a better business providing Rackspace colocation services for Cloud computing firms and Edge Computing Strategy. Rakesh strongly believes that and supports SMEs with their highly demanding business function and continuity. And all of his amazing customers honour his work and integrity because he ensures that they stay in top form with top-notched systems, technology, and hardware in the office. Sometimes it is better to trust and engage the Devil that you know. This Devil has a Cool team. You bet.

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