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Hire-a-Geek _

Our persevering team of techies and geeks at CTSNET Pte Ltd will provide you with tech-support second to none in your vicinity.


If you need help with your office desktop, workstation, laptop, or your file server in the server room, we will be right there for you. Take a shot in the dark. Even if it's 4 AM in Singapore, just call us at +65 6100 2899 and see if we can pick up your call.


As Remote Hands computing people, we are always ready to take up your "mission-critical" Rackspace colocation projects, small or big.

We know what it means to lose your INTERNET connection due to a faulty router or switch. And that's not just what we do. We fix all things broken if it means the World to you. 

Your Business Continuity, Networking and Computing Needs is CTSNET's Utmost Priority.  

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