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Below here is just a fair bit of what we do besides Remote Hands, SmartHands and Break/Fix. Please do check for other customized IT services with us. Even if you need movers for all of your IT equipment to a new office or helping you with IT needs for your own customers, we will be right there. We're not middlemen. Remember that our advice is always free and we're more than your friendly Geek.

Hire a Geek
Service 1 _

-Data Recovery Service

-Computer / iMac

Service 2 _

-Spyware / Malware / Virus removal

-INTERNET Security Solution

Service 3 _

-Website Design and construction

-Company email address hosting

-Website hosting, maintenance 

Service 4 _

-Office IT Equipment Setup
-LAN Setup
-Branded / Custom PCs
-Notebook PC sales
-Printers / Scanners
-Sales / After-sales Service
Service 5 _


Cabling and Networking

Service 6 _

-Data Centre Break-Fix,


-Server Maintenance,


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